FHU is a team of passionate creators working side-by-side with our partners to deliver creative and cost-effective transportation and environmental solutions.

Services - Transportation


FHU offers unparalleled technical staff that can undertake projects from inception through design to construction and completion. We have a full-service team from traffic and civil design engineers to structural and water resources engineers. We offer solutions that best suit our clients’ needs.

Services – Environmental


We are scientists, biologists, ecologists, geographers, historians, resource specialists, analysts and landscape architects with extensive experience in delivering environmental services for a wide array of natural resource and infrastructure projects throughout the Midwest and Rocky Mountain Region.

Services - Planning


Our planners conduct planning studies at all levels – statewide, regional, county, municipal, subarea, and corridor. We provide our clients with exceptional service and a well-balanced system with methodologies for prioritizing projects, obtaining funding, and implementation.


  • Access Control

    Access Permitting
    Access Control Plans

  • Air Quality

    Air Quality Impact Analysis
    Hot Spot Analysis
    Conformity Evaluations
    Total Emissions Evaluations

  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Services

    Municipal, Regional, State Plans
    On-Street and Trail Design
    Grade Separated Crossing Design
    Design Guidelines

  • Construction Engineering Services

    Bid Phase Management
    Constructability Reviews
    Value Engineering
    Construction Phasing Review and Development
    Construction Duration Estimation
    Cost Estimating
    PS&E Package Quality Control Reviews
    Specifications Preparation
    Construction Contract Administration (Federal, Local and Private Funding)
    Construction Observation and Inspections
    Construction Claims Reviews and Position Papers
    Reviews of Contractor CPM Schedules
    Change Order Preparation
    Experience with Traditional, Design-Build and CM/GC Projects
    Class 1 Railroads, Interstate Highways, Local Streets, Rural Roads

  • Cultural Resources/Section 106 Compliance

    Historic Resource Surveys
    Effects Determinations
    SHPO Consultation
    Memoranda of Agreement (MOA)
    Mitigation Design
    Section 4(f)

  • Data Science/Geographical Information Systems

    Geospatial Modeling
    Database Design, Construction, and Maintenance
    Map and Map Book Production
    Topology Construction
    Overlay Analysis and Impact Determination
    Dynamic Segmentation and Linear Referencing System Creation and Analysis
    Database Conversion between CAD and GIS
    Field Data Collection
    Construction of Spatial Data Models
    Hydrologic Modeling (HEC GeoRAS, L-THIA, EPA Basins, etc.)
    3D Flythrough Animation Construction
    Viewshed, Site Distance, and Visibility Analysis
    Raster Modeling (ex: Least-Cost Path Analysis)
    Right-of-way and Property Displacement Analysis
    Cartographic Representations GIS Data Coordination & Contracting with Local, State and Federal Agencies
    Database QA/QC and Map Review
    Coordinate System and Datum Conversion (Ground-to-Grid and Grid-to-Ground)

  • Ecological Services

    Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys
    Biological Assessments/Evaluations
    Migratory Bird Surveys
    Acoustic and Mist-Net Bat Surveys
    Habitat Analysis
    Wildlife Mitigation
    Wildlife Movement and Crossing Design
    Noxious Weed Management
    Riparian and Stream Restoration
    Terrestrial Habitat Evaluation
    Landscape Design
    Ecological Restoration
    Guidance and Training

  • Feasibility Studies

    Systems Feasibility
    Project Feasibility
    Interchange Feasibility Studies
    CDOT 1601 Interchange Approval Process
    Benefit-Cost Analysis
    Cost Estimating
    Transportation Funding Options
    Value Engineering

  • Flood Control

    Floodplain Analysis and Permitting
    Flood Insurance Studies (FEMA)
    Flood Control Design
    Open Channel Analyses and Design
    Hydraulic Structures
    River Analysis and Engineering
    Bridge and Culvert Waterway Design
    Hydrologic Modeling and Analyses
    1-D and 2-D Hydraulic Modeling
    Alluvial Fan Studies
    Expert Testimony
    Community Rating System (CRS)

  • Governmental Processing

    Plan Adoption/Amendment
    Project Approvals
    Development Rezonings

  • Hazardous Materials

    Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
    Materials Management Plans

  • Innovative Contracting

    Traffic Control
    Environmental Compliance

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Design

    Network Design
    Fiber Optic and Wireless Networks
    ITS Device Integration
    Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM) and Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technologies

    Network Topology Design
    Redundant Ring, Collapsed Ring and Drop and Repeat (Daisy-Chain) Fiber Networks
    Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Networks

    Systems Engineering
    Concept of Operations
    Functional Requirements
    Design Development

    System Design
    Incident Management
    Traveler Information
    Chain Station Controls
    Heavy Vehicle Infrared Braking Detection
    Traffic Signal System Planning and Design
    Freeway Ramp Metering
    Variable Speed Limit
    Transit Signal Priority

    Data Collection Systems
    Closed Circuit Television Camera (CCTV)
    Dynamic Message Signs (DMS)
    Remote Weather Information System (RWIS)
    Travel Time Indicator (TTI)
    Microwave Vehicle Radar Detection (MVRD)
    Automatic Traffic Recorder (ATR)

    Infrastructure Documentation
    Materials and Equipment Approval
    Utility Field Locates
    Observation and Inspection
    Fiber Optic Splice Oversight
    System Acceptance
    As-Constructed Drawings

    Network Testing and Troubleshooting
    Optical Time Domain Reflectometer
    Optical Power Meter
    Spectrum Analyzer

  • Landscape Architecture

    Natural Space and Trail Planning
    Parks, Open Space, and Public Lands
    Visual Analysis/Visualizations
    Viewshed Studies
    Recreational Trail and Landscape Design
    Ecological Restoration
    Bridge/Wall Aesthetics
    Context Sensitive Solutions

  • Mass Transit Analyses

    Systems Planning
    Mode-Split Modeling
    Route Structuring
    Ride-Share Concept Planning
    Transit Feasibility Assessments
    Regional Commuter Bus and Rapid Transit Studies
    Regional and Community Transit Plans
    On-board Passenger Surveys
    Operational Analyses
    FTA Small Starts Project Plans
    Rail and Bus Transitway Design
    Station Area Design

  • MS4 Permit Compliance

    Stormwater Management
    Erosion Control
    BMP Design
    NPDES/Construction General Permits
    Construction and BMP Inspection
    Landscape Reestablishment

  • Multimodal Transportation Planning

    Campus Transportation Planning
    Regional Transportation Plans
    Sub-area Network Analyses
    County and Municipal

  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

    Environmental Impact Statements (EISs)/Records of Decision (RODs)
    Environmental Assessments (EAs)/Findings of No Significant Impact (FONSIs)
    Categorical Exclusions (CatExs)
    NEPA Reevaluations
    Alternatives Analysis
    Impact Analysis/Mitigation
    Cumulative Impacts
    Guidance and Training

  • Noise

    Noise Monitoring and Measurement
    Environmental Noise Modeling
    Traffic Noise Modeling
    Barrier Analysis and Design
    Guidance and Training

  • Parking Studies

    Downtown Area Parking Analyses
    Special Event Parking Plans
    Institutional Parking Analyses
    Public and Private Developments

  • Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL)

    Corridor Vision/Purpose and Need Statements
    Alternatives Analysis
    Environmental Overview
    Guidance and Training

  • Railroad Services

    Rail Track and Structure Design
    Railroad Coordination
    Safety Assessments
    Quiet Zone Analysis and Design

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Clean Water Act/Section 401/Section 404
    DOT Section 4(f) Consultation and Coordination
    Endangered Species Act
    Environmental Justice
    Farmland Protection Policy Act/NRCS 1006
    Land and Water Conservation Act Section 6(f)
    National Historic Preservation Act Section 106
    National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
    State Regulatory Compliance
    USACE Federal Projects Section 408
    Programmatic Agreements

  • Roadway Engineering Design

    Highway/Interchange Design
    Constructability Review
    Urban and Suburban Arterial Design
    Intersection Design
    Drainage Design
    Hydraulics and Hydrology
    Site Development Review

  • Roadway and Transit Corridor Studies

    Facility Location
    Concept Planning
    Preliminary Design
    Access Analysis and Planning
    Corridor Optimization Plans

  • Roundabout Analysis and Design

    Intersection and Capacity Analysis – SIDRA, Rodel, Autoturn, and VISSIM
    Concept Development and Peer Review
    Feasibility Studies
    Preliminary and Final Design Services
    Cost Estimating
    Signing and Striping

  • Sediment Transportation and Erosion

    Sediment Transport Modeling
    Reservoir Sedimentation
    Canal Sedimentation
    Mud and Debris Flow Analysis
    Bank Stabilization
    Bridge Scour Evaluations
    Scour Remediation and Countermeasures
    Erosion and Sediment Control

  • Stakeholder Engagement

    Public Involvement Planning
    Public Involvement and Outreach
    Agency Coordination
    Meeting Logistics and Coordination

  • Stormwater Management

    Stormwater Master Plans
    Stormwater Modeling
    Stormwater Monitoring
    Urban Drainage Design
    Storm Sewer Design
    Stormwater Policies and Criteria
    Detention Basin Design
    Drop Structures and Bank Stabilization
    Land Development Drainage
    Roadway Drainage
    Bridge Deck Drainage

  • Stormwater Quality

    Permanent Stormwater
    Best Management Practices (BMPs)
    Construction BMPs
    Wetland Design
    Closed Stormwater Treatment Systems
    Urban Runoff Quality Monitoring
    Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO)

  • Streams/Rivers and Floodplain Analysis

    Stream Assessments
    Stream Restoration and Mitigation
    Grade Stabilization Structures
    Bioengineering Techniques
    Natural Channel Design
    Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling
    Floodplain Mapping
    Floodplain Certification and Permitting

  • Structural Engineering

    Bridge Design
    Bridge Rehabilitation
    Retaining Walls
    Noise Walls
    Constructability Review

  • Support Services

    Community Involvement
    Public Presentations
    Expert Testimony

  • Traffic Engineering

    Traffic Signal Design
    Signing and Striping Plans
    Safety Studies
    Traffic Impact Studies

  • Traffic Impact Analyses

    Educational Institutions
    Medical Facilities
    Central Business Districts
    Mixed-use Developments
    Special Generators

  • Transportation Operations and Safety

    Intersection Capacity Analyses
    Signal Operations/Optimization Analyses
    Safety Studies/Hazard Evaluations
    Regional Safety Studies
    Parking Needs Analyses
    Work Zone Traffic Analysis
    Lane Closure Studies
    Research Projects
    Bottleneck Analysis
    Congestion Mitigation Studies

  • Water Resources Planning

    Watershed Management plans
    Local and Regional Water Supply Plans
    Comprehensive Water Planning
    Peer reviews
    Climate change effects
    Resilient Infrastructure Design
    Grant Preparation

  • Wetlands and Other Waters of the U.S.

    Clean Water Act/Section 401/Section 404 Individual, Nationwide and Pre-Construction Notifications
    LEDPA Analysis/404(b)(1)
    Wetland and Stream Mitigation/Restoration/Monitoring
    Mitigation Bank


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