In the beginning…

FHU Historic - Founders

In the early 1980s, three talented individuals, Bob Felsburg, Steve Holt, and Arnie Ullevig saw an opportunity to practice a profession they loved while providing like-minded individuals a place to foster and offer transportation planning, traffic engineering, and design services in Colorado. With only their vision and reputations to start with, they formed FELSBURG HOLT & ULLEVIG. Resolute on creating a space where culture was at the forefront, the firm was built on the following objectives: (1) Advance the profession by providing high-quality state-of-the-art planning and engineering services, (2) Develop a highly qualified and committed staff of good people (personally as well as professionally), and (3) Create an environment in which members of the firm enjoy what they do and where they work.

As the firm continued to grow, it provided an excellent forum for Bob, Steve, and Arnie as entrepreneurs to practice their passion while giving back to their communities. The FHU brand continues to thrive and cement its presence in the A/E/C industry. Below is a timeline of how the company grew to what it is now.

FHU History

planting the seed with a vision


FHU Founders




In October 1984, two bright engineers joined together and formed what is now one of the leading engineering firms in Colorado and Nebraska. Bob Felsburg and Steve Holt, who previously competed and collaborated on projects over the years, established the firm Felsburg Holt & Associates to provide transportation planning, traffic engineering, and civil design services. Within a year, the firm had won some exciting assignments and was growing. So, a like-minded professional with an entrepreneurial spirit and similar vision for the future, Arnie Ullevig, joined the firm as an equal partner, thus the name was changed to FELSBURG HOLT & ULLEVIG. This beginning planted the seed…


growing the branches and setting our roots


FHU History - Original Staff


This was a growing time as FHU reached the mark of 30 employees. With eager attitudes and creative minds, FHU honed the firm’s culture and business model. The founding owners solidified the firm’s core with additional expertise in civil engineering. From the very beginning, Bob, Steve, and Arnie knew that a small- to mid-sized firm with FHU’s culture would thrive in a world of “bigger is better.”


25 years in the making



Since the firm’s inception, FHU grew to 100 technical staff, 9 owners, and 4 locations (Omaha, Colorado Springs, Lincoln). Services were expanded to include structural engineering, environmental services, and alternative mode services (transit, bicycle, and pedestrian).  FHU also garnered several awards including WTS Employer of the Year and South Metro Denver Chamber Small Business of the Year Award.


creating a legacy



With more than 160 employees, FHU continues to broaden its horizons, solidify its position as an industry leader, and grow a culture that propagate success. Moving forward, FHU continues to implement our core values and employ the best talent to create lasting impacts for our clients and their communities.



Join a thriving team that is making an impact in the community.