Transit Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) Roadmap


Colorado Department of Transportation


Statewide, Colorado



FHU led the development of the Transit Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) Roadmap, which included data collection, assessment of the national landscape and trends, the roles of utilities in ZEV adoption, policy and programmatic recommendation, as well as financial modeling to support Colorado’s GHG emission reduction and transit electrification goals. The work included an extensive stakeholder engagement effort to engage all transit agencies – urban, rural, and resort communities – in Colorado.
FHU led the development of the Transit ZEV Roadmap to chart a strategic course for transit agencies across the state to transition to alternative fuel vehicles to help meet the goals of HB-1261, which identifies 100 ZEV transit vehicles by 2030 and full fleet transition by 2050. Key project elements included an assessment of state and national trends, an inventory and assessment of all transit agency fleets in Colorado, identification of goals and strategic actions, and development of a financial model to quantify the cost of transitioning to ZEVs. The financial model is a working tool that CDOT is using to help transit agencies across the state plan for their ZEV transition and to understand the incremental cost difference compared to maintaining the status quo. The Transit ZEV Roadmap, finalized in December 2020, will provide the foundation for the development of the Clean Transit Enterprise’s 10 Year Plan, a statutory plan required under Senate Bill 21-260 to inform priorities and funding allocation to support the transition of Colorado’s transit fleet to cleaner fuel technologies.

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Executive Summary
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The appendices and additional documents can be found on CDOT’s website.

Services Rendered:
  • Zero Emission and Alternative Fuels Planning
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Financial Modeling