2045 Statewide Transit Plan


Colorado Department of Transportation


Statewide, Colorado



FHU served as the lead consultant updating CDOT’s 2045 Statewide Transit Plan for the Division of Transit and Rail. For the first time in CDOT history, the Statewide Transit Plan and the Statewide Transportation Plan were updated concurrently. The goal was to create fully integrated plans and to maximize opportunities for multimodal investment across the State. In addition to the 2045 plans, the team developed Regional Transportation and Transit Plans for Colorado’s 10 rural Transportation Planning Regions and a Strategic Pipeline of Projects representing a comprehensive inventory of prioritized transit, bike, ped, and roadway projects that will help guide investments in Colorado for the next 10 years.

As a part of the planning process, FHU planned and implemented an equitable and extensive public involvement process spanning all rural regions of the State. Our team identified gaps, needs, and trends; conducted demographic and Title VI analysis; and completed financial analyses. The team also created strategies for near-, mid-, and long-term implementation and developed a comprehensive list of transit operating and capital project needs through 2045. Each rural regional plan included an equity-focused look at transit needs among underrepresented populations to better understand unique transportation barriers in each rural region. CDOT’s Transportation Commission and the rural Transportation Planning Regions approved and adopted the Statewide and Regional plans in late 2020.

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Services Rendered:
  • Transit Planning
  • Equity Analysis
  • Stakeholder and Public Engagement
  • Financial Modeling
  • Project Identification
  • Cost Estimates