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Lyle DeVries

Lyle DeVries applies 19 years of experience in transportation operations, safety, and planning to projects throughout Colorado, South Dakota, and Wyoming. Lyle and FHU’s Transportation Operations and Safety team bring a problem solving mentality to the greatest congestion and safety challenges faced by transportation agencies and providers. He evaluates major interstate and surface street corridors and networks as well as state highways, for which he assesses multimodal operations and safety needs, conducts alternatives analyses, and recommends projects to cost-effectively deliver mobility and safety improvements to the traveling public. Lyle has been a leader in extending FHU’s services to communities throughout South Dakota and the South Dakota Department of Transportation. Lyle is experienced in managing projects with vocal stakeholders and an active public base.

areas of expertise:

Transportation Operations and Safety
Traffic Impact Analyses
Transportation Planning Studies
Interchange Feasibility Studies
Traffic Simulation
Traffic Control Needs Studies
Corridor Studies

contact information:

(303) 721-1440

6300 South Syracuse Way, Suite 600,
Centennial, CO 80111