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Lyle Devries

After nearly 25 years at FHU, Lyle leads a team of transportation operation professionals focused on creating opportunities to improve multimodal travel efficiency and reduce crashes. He is experienced in delivering successful interstate, highway and corridor studies with flexible, pragmatic answers – often requiring technical acumen, skillful consensus building and steady project management. His portfolio includes data-driven safety assessments, project prioritization efforts using multiple technical criteria, and evaluation of traffic operations within complex transportation networks. He has worked effectively in a variety of urban, suburban and rural contexts, understanding the unique issues and pressures of each project to craft the correct solutions. Lyle excels at connecting with people and working with vocal stakeholders and an active public base.  He brings joy to clients and his projects which take him across Colorado, South Dakota and Wyoming.

areas of expertise:

Transportation Operations and Safety
Traffic Impact Analyses
Transportation Planning Studies
Interchange Feasibility Studies
Traffic Simulation
Traffic Control Needs Studies
Corridor Studies

contact information:

(303) 721-1440

6400 S. Fiddler, S Fiddlers Green Circle Suite 1500, Greenwood Village, CO 80111