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Jenny Young

Jenny Young is a multimodal transportation planner and engineer with experience working on statewide, regional, municipal, and subarea transportation plans and corridor studies, which reflect her philosophy of developing balanced transportation solutions for all modes of travel. She is adept at developing creative solutions to travel needs and working with divergent interests to prioritize improvement needs to position transportation projects for funding and successful implementation. Jenny has had great success in transitioning planning and corridor studies into projects for design and construction. Her multi-modal experience includes particular emphasis on bicycle and pedestrian accommodation – she was instrumental in developing the bicycle and pedestrian planning practice area at FHU.

Jenny graduated from Bucknell University with a degree in Civil Engineering, and subsequently received a master’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Colorado at Denver.

areas of expertise:

Bicycle/Pedestrian Planning
Stakeholder Engagement
Grant Writing
Multimodal Connectivity
Corridor Planning
Transportation Planning
Energy and Freight Studies

contact information:

(303) 721-1440

6300 South Syracuse Way, Suite 600,
Centennial, CO 80111