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Elliot Sulsky

Elliot Sulsky is one FHU’s Principals specializing in transportation planning. He has over 30 years of transportation planning and transportation engineering experience, both as a consultant and with the City and County of Denver.

Elliot has managed and participated in the development of major transportation plans and design projects including multimodal regional transportation plans, city comprehensive plans, corridor studies, subarea plans, and major development plans in Colorado and neighboring states. With a Master’s degree in Urban Planning and AICP certification, Elliot excels at integrating transportation and planning disciplines and has developed FHU into a valued transportation partner with multiple urban planning firms. Elliot also works in tandem with Dean Bradley, working with FHU’s communications team to implement FHU’s marketing strategy.

areas of expertise:

Travel Demand Forecasting
Environmental Impact Assessment
Traffic Operations Analysis
Infrastructure Funding
Traffic Engineering
Transportation Planning
Safety Analysis and Microsimulation

contact information:

(303) 721-1440

6300 South Syracuse Way, Suite 600,
Centennial, CO 80111