It all sounds the same right? An engineering firm adds innovative, emerging, and advanced mobility to their portfolio – offering clients the latest and greatest thought in the technologies and services that are radically changing how we offer transportation? At FHU, we pride ourselves on the close relationships we have built with our state, city and transit agency partners with a focus on highly personalized, excellence-focused services. 

But is there such a thing as “personal” advanced mobility solutions? When you have the right people and team to help navigate this space, you can transform the arm waving about flying cars and robots that deliver packages into real conversations about Future Ready transportation tailored to your community, mobility and sustainability needs. 

Let’s talk about…

  • Sustainable solutions that improve community mobility and air quality,
  • new camera and LIDAR systems that protect pedestrians and cyclists,
  • innovative micromobility (scooter) services and mobility hubs that remove mobility barriers for low-income neighborhoods,
  • a statewide automated vehicle policy to allow a campus to run an automated shuttle service,
  • on-demand transit services to leverage electrification and new technology platforms to better provide clean transportation,
  • advanced mobility and GHG mitigation strategy opportunities during the NEPA alternatives analysis process,
  • deployment strategies to responsibly permit pedestrians and personal delivery devices to coexist on sidewalks, and
  • best practices and funding opportunities with peer organizations, government agencies and private sector mobility partners.

FHU’s Advanced Mobility team is collaborating with communities and agencies to provide comprehensive and sustainable mobility solutions that can elevate how to move people, data and goods both today and tomorrow by: 

  • Evaluating and integrating emerging mobility and sustainability strategies and policies;
  • Building relationships with peer organizations, research institutions, government agencies and private sector mobility partners to share best practices and identify funding opportunities; and
  • Designing and deploying advanced mobility solutions, technologies and tools to solve mobility needs and build a thriving, sustainable community.

Being personal is about truly listening to the challenges we are trying to solve, caring about the people we are working to support, and adding the right amount of knowledge combined with the excitement (tempered always by reality) that advanced mobility solutions can bring to forward safety and mobility. 

We are growing our advanced mobility team to ensure we are ready and available to help community partners like you improve mobility and FHUture Ready your projects. 

Download: FHU Advanced Mobility PDF