A message from Dean Bradley, Past FHU President (2012–2021) and Current Chairman of the Board.

On behalf of the Felsburg Holt & Ullevig (FHU) Board of Directors, I’m writing to share some exciting news with you.

Over the past few years, we have been putting the pieces in place to create a successful transition plan for FHU’s next generation of leadership. They are an immensely talented group of engineers, planners and scientists committed to building on FHU’s past success and ready to write the exciting next chapters of its future. As I step down from my role as FHU’s President, I could not be more confident in the incoming leadership team and the person we have selected to lead FHU. Following a unanimous vote by the board…

I am pleased to announce Holly Buck as FHU’s next President!

Holly Buck and Dean Bradley in the FHU office

Dean Bradley (PE) and Holly Buck (PE, PTP) in the FHU Greenwood Village office.

The time is right for this transition. Holly is a dynamic leader who is at the forefront of the trends and technology changing transportation as we know it. She brings a spirit of innovation and energy to FHU’s future, while being firmly anchored in the culture of integrity, technical leadership, and client service instilled by our founders. Since being hired by Bob Felsburg in 2001, Holly has steadily grown in her career as a transportation engineer and planner. She has worked across disciplines and regions on some of FHU’s largest and most transformational planning and design projects. A long-time multimodal advocate, Holly is also a trailblazer, growing FHU’s transit planning practice from the ground-up. More importantly, after 20 years at FHU, she loves the company, its people, its clients and the good work we are doing together across the country.

With Holly’s vision, experience, and belief that everyone deserves great transportation, she is the right leader to help our clients and communities achieve transportation excellence. The FHUture is very bright indeed!

On behalf of the FHU Board of Directors,
Dean Bradley, Chair, Board of Directors, Felsburg Holt & Ullevig

Holly Buck, President of FHU

A Message from Holly Buck, FHU President

At the end of my interview with Bob Felsburg in 2001, I remember thinking, “I can tell these people really love what they do and I want to be part of it.” I was inspired by FHU’s culture, the shared joy in making communities more connected, and the great possibilities of working with some of the smartest, most entrepreneurial minds in transportation.

After 20 years, I am even more inspired by what the future holds. Today is an incredibly exciting (and challenging) time to be a transportation professional. We are being called on to reshape our mobility networks, to improve safety, fix equity disparities, and address climate concerns. We must think boldly and consider the influence of our industry’s rapidly evolving technologies. And, after two years in a pandemic, people’s desire to connect with their loved ones and the world has never been greater. This is our call to action. I enthusiastically answer the call and look forward to leading FHU in the delivery of innovative and resilient solutions that move everyone forward.

I have the great fortune of stepping into this role surrounded by an exceptional leadership team who are equally as passionate as I am about delivering transportation excellence. Over the next five years we will be guided by a bold new strategic plan. It focuses on enriching the communities we serve, enjoying our work, celebrating our employees, and continuing to connect our clients to smart, future-ready transportation solutions. It is going to be an exciting ride!

Holly Buck and Dean Bradley in the FHU office

And last but not least, a big thank you to FHU’s founding partners. Words cannot express my gratitude to Bob Felsburg, Steve Holt, Arnie Ullevig and my predecessor, Dean Bradley. I feel a great sense of responsibility to nurture the FHU culture carefully crafted and selflessly handed down by each of you; it is an honor to serve in this position.

With gratitude and joy for the good things that lie ahead,
Holly Buck, President, Felsburg Holt & Ullevig