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Transit Planning & Design

  • Mt Metro Transit 2035 Long Range Transit Plan - Cover 1

    Mountain Metropolitan Transit 2035 Plan

    Project for City of Colorado Springs, CO – Mountain Metropolitan Transit. Identified areas for transit service expansion and recommended a long-range vision as well as a fiscally constrained plan.

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  • Denver Transit 1

    Denver Transit Investments Analysis

    Project for City and County of Denver. Provided recommendations and Next Steps to implement to increase use and attractiveness of transit and ultimately maximize person-carrying trip capacity,

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  • Estes Visitor Center 1

    Estes Park Transit and Parking Enhancement Study and Categorical Exclusion

    Project for Town of Estes Park. Evaluated parking and transit enhancements to reduce vehicular congestions in Estes Park at the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park.

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  • Central Park park-n-Ride 1

    Central Park park-n-Ride (Stapleton/Denver)

    Project for Regional Transportation District (RTD). Final design of the new 1,500 space Central Park park-n-Ride facility.

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  • NW Denver Drainage

    Northwest Drainage and Transportation Study

    Project for City and County of Denver (FHU-subconsultant). FHU led the transportation planning portion of the project scope.

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  • DTR Performance Measure Framework Cover 1

    Division of Transit and Rail Performance Measures Framework

    Project for Colorado Department of Transportation Division of Transit and Rail. Worked with Transit and Rail Advisory Committee (TRAC) to develop a performance measures framework to enhance performance-based planning programs.

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