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Interchange Studies

  • I-680-Landing 1

    I-680 Interchange Justification Report

    Project for Nebraska Department of Roads. Developed and evaluated alternative design concepts to improve operation and safety at the existing I-680/ Fort Street and I-680/Blair High Road interchanges in Omaha

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  • i225 Colfax

    I-225 / Colfax System Level Feasibility Study

    Project for City of Aurora. Developed a set of interchange alternatives to provide direct and efficient access to the extensive redevelopment planned for the area.

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  • i-70 32nd Avenue

    I-70 / 32nd Ave Interchange System Level Feasibility Study

    Project for City of Wheat Ridge. Results of the feasibility study (CDOT 1601 process) identified a series of alternatives that were merged into an Environmental Assessment.

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