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Water Quality/MS4 Services

  • Construction and Post-Construction Ordinances

    Crafted locally relevant Construction and Post-Construction Ordinances to establish enforceable regulations in compliance with MS4 Permits.

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  • Storm Water Management Plan Development

    Technical oversight for existing SWMP permit renewal under the State permitting authority.

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  • Construction Stormwater Compliance Assistance Guide

    Drafted a concise guidance document describing NPDES permit requirements that apply to various types of construction activity and project responsibilities for the company

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  • Coralville Municipal Stormwater Compliance Support

    MS4 support for Municipal Good Housekeeping and Pollution Prevention.

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  • Omaha Phase I MS4 Implementation Assistance

    Composed local industrial stormwater ordinances, developed a local industrial facility permitting approach and prioritization scheme, conducted facility inspections, trained municipal staff, and led public outreach.

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  • Nebraska State-Wide Storm Water Management Program

    Authored the inaugural Draft MS4 Permit and Storm Water Management Program for the Department and provided facilitated support, evaluation, reporting and continued maintenance required by the permit.

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  • Commerce City MS4 Services

    Developed an updated Stormwater Management Program document and prepared a permit renewal application.

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