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Sustainability Projects

  • Sustainable Transportation System – A Guide

    Provides a 'tool kit' for transportation planners, engineers, and designers, environmental scientists and others to identify, record, and then measure outcomes for sustainable elements incorporated into their transportation projects.

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  • Transportation Environmental Resource Council (TERC) Sustainability Framework

    A series of facilitated workshops to develop recommendations for infrastructure to support the implementation of a sustainability program that supports the needs and missions of numerous state and federal agencies.

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  • Reuse and Recycle Research Project

    The ultimate outcome for this research effort is to provide CDOT with data that supports the implementation of an agency-wide recycle/reuse program initiative.

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  • Traction Sand Reuse and Recycling Research Project

    Working with CDOT to analyze options to reuse traction sand collected from the edge of the roadways or in detention basins.

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  • Noise Walls Using Waste Tires Research Project

    Research project studying sustainable and cost-effective solution in response to growing public demand for traffic noise mitigation.

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  • Statewide Rest Area Study: El Moro Rest Area

    Preliminary and final plans for the replacement of the Raton Pass rest area - project stemmed from a statewide assessment for the upgrading of existing rest area locations.

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  • US 69 Corridor Management Plan

    Corridor plan combining transportation improvements, urban design, quality of life improvements, sustainability, and economic development.

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  • 144th Street, West Dodge Road to Eagle Run Drive: Preliminary Design and Environmental Evaluation

    Reduced congestion on this section of 144th Street will shorten drive times and reduce emissions. Bike trails on each side of the road encourage biking and walking.

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