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Programmatic EA for the Council Bluffs Levee Program


JEO Consulting Group for the City of Council Bluffs, Iowa

  • Subject to US Army Corps of Engineers oversight and approval, the City’s program of levee improvements addresses USACE Section 408 requirements for levee safety, as well as FEMA recertification requirements for floodplain boundaries
  • Outlines the agreed upon framework for handling future 408 approval and 404 permitting of the specific improvement projects
  • Addresses repair and rehabilitation of the 70-year old levees including system features nearing the end of their design life, and changes in levee design criteria
  • Provides technical documentation to support future USACE Section 408 NEPA decision-making for specific improvement
  • Includes technical documentation to support future USACE Section 404 permit actions for specific improvement
  • Covers an area extending approximately 28.5 miles in length adjacent to the Missouri River and tributaries, Indian Creek, and Mosquito Creek