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Roadway & Intersection Design

  • Ridgegate Grand Opening 1

    RidgeGate Parkway/ Mainstreet Extension

    Provided new arterial access from I-25 to City of Lone Tree and Town of Parker.

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  • Glenwood Roundabout

    West Glenwood Roundabouts

    Design for two roundabouts at the existing interchange of I-70 and M.P. 114 in Glenwood Springs.

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  • Yosemite Street A

    Yosemite Street Improvements

    Widened existing four-lane arterial to six lanes with turning lanes.

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  • Fifth Street

    Fifth Street Widening

    Street improvements, including widening and roadside enhancements within a tight, urban corridor.

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  • Hess Hilltop Widening 1

    Hess / Hilltop Widening and Improvements

    Provided preliminary and final design to widen 2.9 miles of roadway.

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  • Monarch Blvd Extension 1

    Monarch Boulevard Extension

    Prepared several preliminary alignments for an addition of Monarch Boulevard, the north/south roadway connection for the County.

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