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Company Culture

company culture

Company Culture

In 1984, FHU began with three employees. Now, we’re a firm with more than 150 employees in five offices. We’re dynamic professionals who sustain a culture of high-caliber work, collaboration, community engagement, and healthy doses of fun. We believe our success is nurtured by a team that enjoys their work as well their workplace.

core values


Our Core Values are the foundation of everything we do at FHU. Following these principles, we strive for the betterment of our communities and our professions:

  • Honest and Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Individual Respect
  • Work and Grow Together
  • Client Success
  • Greater Good
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30Acts @ 30Years

Launched to celebrate our 30th Anniversary, 30acts @ 30years was a year-long campaign by FHU employees to perform at least 30 acts of Greater Good throughout our communities in 2014. FHUers ultimately completed 44 acts of Greater Good, raising or donating over $20,000; thousands of food, clothing, and household items; and collectively committing thousands of hours in support of dozens of charities throughout the U.S.


Connecting and Enhancing Communities

We share and practice FHU’s core values to nurture and sustain productive relationships among ourselves, the clients we serve, and the broader community. Our values provide the foundation for meaningful work that positively impacts people’s lives and brings joy and fulfillment to our employees.


FHU’s Principals reflect the cross section of planning, engineering, and environmental expertise. FHU’s leaders embody the firm’s core values and remain actively engaged on projects to promote the culture of excellence, growth, and innovation at FHU.

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